Enterprise GIS & Mapping

The City of Manassas Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) group is part of the city’s Information Technology division. Manassas GIS is responsible for developing, maintaining, coordinating, and distributing GIS data and its related technology solutions.  
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The Map and App Gallery includes a number of mobile-friendly Apps such as the Interactive Manassas Map, Parcel & Assessment Finder App, Zoning and Parcel Map App, Parking District Finder App, and more!  More apps are being added as needed. 

More information about GIS or our map products is available on our FAQ page.

What is GIS?

GIS is used to produce, analyze, manage, and share information about geographic features. The City maintains geographic location and information about a variety of city assets including streets, buildings, parks, electric lines, and much more. Maintaining the data in GIS allows for the ability to visualize the data to help make informed decisions. GIS data is necessary for producing traditional and web mapping products - such as those included our Printable Maps Gallery and Map & App Gallery.