Public Records

Searching the City of Manassas Public Records has just been made easier. Get Ready to Explore! 
The following documents are now online:
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Annual Operating Budget
  • Appropriations  
  • Architectural Review Board Minutes
  • Audit Records
  • Board of Zoning Appeals Minutes
  • Capital Improvement Program
  • City Council Meeting Minutes
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Plan
  • Deeds and Easements
  • Finance Committee Minutes
  • Ordinances
  • Planning Commission Minutes
  • Resolutions  
Step 1: Go to the Public Records Resource.  (Databank Online Services)
Log in using the following access credentials:
Entity ID:  8045       Username:  WEB_USER        Password:  Com@123 
Step 2: You've now entered Image Silo. From here you can search for a multitude of information.
Under Available Projects (left), select the project of interest (like Architectural Review Board Minutes).
  Helpful Hints:
To see a list of all the documents for a specific project, select the Search button at the bottom. 
Customizing the Search criteria using a date range, fiscal year, or document number will filter search results.  Examples:  date range search try 01/01/2008 to 12/31/2008; or *2009* can be used as a wildcard to locate documents from 2009.

Important Reminders: 
Select "Search Criteria" link (near the top of the page) to return to criteria page.
Select "Clear Criteria" (near the bottom of the page) prior to beginning another search.
Step 3: To streamline your search, select the document type listed under Available Projects (far left) on the ImageSilo site, adding as much criteria you are able to help streamline your search.

For more details: Select "Help" from the ImageSilo. Help button