Help stop illegal dumping

sudley road 2017
The City of Manassas needs your help to reduce incidents of illegal dumping and keep our streets safe and clean.

Extra trash, mattresses, sofas, shelves, washers, stoves and exercise equipment … people go through a lot of them! Here in Manassas, residents are permitted to set out bulk waste every week, all year long. But having this additional service does require a bit of organization … and when it comes to trash collection … timing is very important. Large amounts of trash left at the curb can be a danger to pedestrians, pets and passing cars.

Bnot collect1y scheduling collection of large items, residents can make sure that what they are setting out can be collected by the City and that their large items are collected quickly – keeping our streets clean and safe. 

All residents need to schedule collection of large items including: stoves, washers, remodeling waste, televisions, computer monitors  and items containing Freon including fridges and air conditioners. 

If you are moving or remodeling and leave large amounts of trash at the curb you may face removal charges of $500, fines up to $3,000 and jail time.

Here is what you need to do:
1 - Plan on setting out small amounts at a time.
2 - Call the Trashline on (703) 257-8252 to schedule collection.
3 - Set out your extra trash the night before your trash day.

What if you have a lot of trash and furniture?
1 - Sort out your trash and recycling.
2 - Call (703) 257 - 8256 and book a Courtesy Truck for $85.

How about paint?
Plan ahead and take your paint and other HHW to one of our scheduled drop-off days. Dumping paint at the curb is illegal and dangerous to people and the environment.