Parking Tickets

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Payments Due

Tickets that are not paid within 30 days of the issue date are double the original fine. If you have a question about the violation or if you want to contest the violation within the first 30 days, you must contact the Manassas City Police Department at 703-257-8198.


Parking tickets not paid 30 days from the date of issue are subject to collections and towing. A vehicle is subject to tow when three tickets have been issued and one of those tickets has passed the 30 day due date. Vehicles that have been towed may only be redeemed by first making payment, in cash, to the Treasurer's Office for all related fines, debts, and fees. You can reach the Treasurer's Office at
703-257-8242. After payment is made in full the vehicle may be redeemed at the impound lot.